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Petland Raleigh, Making A Difference With Unconditional Puppy Love!



Raleigh, NC - June 20, 2023, Puppy, Puppies, Puppylove, Puppywishes

Under the leadership of CEO Emma DeShaw, the Puppy Wishes Foundation, in collaboration with Petland Raleigh and Petland Carolinas, Dr. Church, and Muenster Milling, is delighted to announce a project that came to fruition in January 2023 aimed at fulfilling a child's heartfelt wish for the companionship of a therapy puppy.

Emma DeShaw, CEO of Puppy Wishes Foundation, expresses, "This partnership aligns perfectly with our mission to bring joy and comfort to children through the love of a pet. We are incredibly grateful to Petland Raleigh, Petland Carolinas, Dr. Church, and Muenster Milling for sharing our dedication to this cause."

With the help of Dr. Church's expertise, Petland Raleigh and Petland Carolinas meticulously selected the perfect therapy puppy for the child, while Muenster Milling ensures its nutritional needs. David G. DeShaw, an owner of Petland Raleigh and Petland Carolinas, said, "This partnership amplifies the core of what we believe in – connecting the right pet with the right person. It's a privilege to play a part in this beautiful journey."

The child's parents recently expressed gratitude: "We can never appropriately thank you for the gift you guys have given us. We've been looking for years for something that fits us. The staff was so kind every time we visited, and they made Max feel like a king. We will keep you updated on her progress! We love her so much already, and she napped so well the whole way home. Didn't whine one single time."

Although the project was officially launched in January 2023, the journey continues as the Puppy Wishes Foundation documents every step, from the selection of the puppy to its union with the child.

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About Puppy Wishes Foundation

Puppy Wishes Foundation is a non-profit organization led by CEO Emma DeShaw. The foundation is dedicated to bringing comfort and therapy to children through the companionship of a dog. Since its inception, it has fulfilled numerous wishes and continues bringing joy to needy children.

About Petland Raleigh, Petland Carolinas, Dr. Church, and Muenster Milling

Petland Raleigh and Petland Carolinas, owned by David G. DeShaw, is a pet store prioritizing pet well-being. Dr. Church is a respected veterinarian committed to the highest standard of animal care. Muenster Milling is a family-owned pet food manufacturer dedicated to providing nutritionally rich food products.


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