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Peace of Mind

Wet Kiss

First 14-Days

Our 14-day warranty covers viral, bacterial, and skin-related illnesses. This is through direct coverage with our designated veterinarians or reimbursement with a licensed veterinarian of your choosing

Dog Lover

1 Year Congenital

Congenital/Hereditary Warranty- If your puppy is diagnosed with a condition that causes them not to lead a normal life, our warranty reimburses you for any out of pocket expense billed through your insurance* up to the cost of the puppy

AKC logo

First 30-Days

We include a free month of pet insurance through AKC Pet Insurance for our puppy parents and recommend keeping this coverage (or a similar one) throughout the lifetime of your puppy.



A lifetime of unconditional love, memories, and unlimited puppy kisses!

Customer Support - Claims 

Have any questions? Through our claims process, we provide outstanding customer service. Please allow two business days for our support team to contact you. For emergencies, please use the phone number or email below. When sending your claim through email, please include your puppy’s ID, last name, and store location in the subject line of your email.

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