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No one else can offer what we do: Find the Perfect Puppy Match in Person for your lifestyle

Adorable Bulldog at Petland Raleigh
Find Your Perfect Puppy Match In Person

1. Full Disclosure on Health and Breeder Records.

It is crucial to personally meet the puppy to identify any potential health problems, behavioral issues, or hereditary conditions that could affect its and your quality of life.

2. Personalized Puppy Matching Based on Lifestyle.

We offer various breeds, including small and hypoallergenic puppies, to align with different owner lifestyles in person. Find Your Perfect Puppy Match In Person.

3. Proper Socialization During Puppy Playtime.

Puppies need to be socialized appropriately during their initial weeks of life.

4. Assessing Compatibility and Bonding During Playtime Sessions.

In-person meetings with the puppy help evaluate compatibility and establish a bond before deciding. Key factors to consider are personality, energy level, and temperament to ensure the puppy suits your lifestyle.

5. Partnership with Certified and Examined Breeders Only.

We collaborate exclusively with trustworthy, certified, and scrutinized breeders, representing the top 2% in the US. Unfortunately, other breeders, rescues, and shelters are often unaware of the dogs' origins.

6. Specialized Health and Wellness Team.

A reliable Pet Store should share essential health data and veterinary documents. Our staff and associated veterinarians guarantee that all puppies receive vaccinations, preventatives, and care to ensure a healthy and joyful puppy.

7. Financial Protection through Warranties.

We offer warranties for unwell puppies, as occasionally, our furry companions feel under the weather, just like humans and infants.

8. Comprehensive Education on Puppy Care.

It is vital to equip new puppy owners with thorough knowledge of puppy care, nutrition, training, and behavior. We provide extensive guides, tutorial videos, and access to expert trainers to ensure you are fully prepared to look after your new family member.

9. Continued Support and Advice After Adoption.

We are dedicated to you and your puppy beyond your departure from our store. We offer continuous support and advice to help you overcome puppyhood challenges and ensure your furry friend leads a happy and healthy life.

10. Commitment to Ethical and Compassionate Puppy Treatment.

We uphold the highest ethical and compassionate standards in treating all our animals. Our breeders adhere to stringent puppy care and breeding guidelines, ensuring both parent and puppy's well-being, happiness, and health.

11. Clear and Fair Pricing.

We advocate for transparent and equitable pricing. Each puppy's price encompasses all essential vaccinations, veterinary examinations, microchipping, and other vital care, eliminating hidden charges or surprises.

12. Lifelong Dedication.

Committing to a puppy is a lifelong responsibility, and we are here to assist you at every stage. From helping you select the ideal puppy to providing continuous care and support, we are devoted to ensuring your new companion's happy and healthy life.

13. Trusted Retail Location.

We provide an in-person experience with trained Puppy Advisors to help you through this critical long-term decision. Many of our Owners have been scammed online (Facebook, Craigslist, fake breeder websites, etc.) or adopted a puppy from a breeder with no recourse for health and welfare issues. Some rescues and shelters have been closed by Animal Control because of poor conditions, lack of disclosure, false information, and health and welfare care for animals, and many were operating for profits under a not-for-profit designation.

Find a puppy that fits your lifestyle! Puppies shouldn't be adopted online.

We have many different breeds, including small dog breeds and hypoallergenic dogs.

(984) 300-4548

North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.


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