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Do dogs love going to doggy day care?

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As a dog owner, you may have wondered whether your furry friend enjoys going to doggy daycare. While it's impossible to know precisely what your dog thinks and feels, a few signs suggest dogs love going to doggy daycare.

1 Socialization

2 Dogs are social creatures and thrive on interacting with other dogs and humans. Doggy daycare allows dogs to meet and play with other dogs, which can help improve their socialization skills and reduce any anxiety or aggression they may have around other dogs.

3 Exercise and stimulation

4 Doggy daycare facilities typically offer a range of activities and toys to keep dogs entertained and active. This includes agility courses, playtime with other dogs, and even swimming pools. The stimulation and exercise provided by doggy daycare can help keep dogs physically and mentally healthy, leading to a happier and more contented dog.

5 Human interaction

6 Besides socializing with other dogs, dogs in doggy daycare also get plenty of attention from the staff. This can include cuddles, belly rubs, and playtime, which can help dogs feel loved and valued. Human interaction can also help reduce separation anxiety and make dogs more comfortable in new environments.

7 Routine

8 Dogs thrive on routine, and doggy daycare can provide a consistent playtime schedule, feeding, and rest. This can help reduce stress and anxiety in dogs, as they know what to expect and when to expect it. A consistent routine can also help improve behavior in dogs as they learn to follow a structured schedule.

9 Home away from home

10 For many dogs, doggy daycare can feel like a home away from home. The familiar smells, sounds, and routines can help dogs feel comfortable and secure in the daycare environment. This can make them more relaxed and less anxious when their owners are away, leading to a happier and more contented dog overall


In conclusion, while every dog is unique and may have different preferences and needs, many signs suggest dogs love going to doggy daycare. Socialization, exercise, human interaction, routine, and a sense of home can contribute to a positive and enjoyable dog experience. Your dog may look forward to their daycare visits with excitement and enthusiasm with a suitable daycare facility and care with records with each puppy. If you're considering doggy daycare for your furry friend, it's worth trying to see how your dog responds.


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