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Inside Look of Our Health and Welfare Department at Petland Raleigh!


1. Sanitization and Cleanliness: Proper sanitization is where it all begins. We ensure to sanitize the puppy's kennels multiple times a day and continuously clean their trays. This is accomplished through teamwork and sharing the same mission.

2. Comfortable Living Conditions: We are committed to providing the puppies with comfortable and nurturing living spaces while they await adoption. The puppies will always have toys, blankets, and access to water 24/7. They have three feeding times where we monitor their eating habits to ensure a healthy puppy!

3. USDA Breeders: All of our puppies come from top USDA-licensed and inspected breeders. These breeders follow the strictest rules and regulations to ensure ethical dog breeding. We keep all breeder records on file!

4. Transparency: We value honesty and transparency. At the store, you can see our daily operations inside and outside of the kennel. We also have all Health and Breeder records available for potential adopters.

5. Extensive Training: All of our Health and Welfare staff go through extensive training during the duration of their onboarding period. We ensure that they know everything included in the daily operations of the kennel. They arrive at 6 a.m and leave at 9 p.m, 7 days a week! The recipe for a happy kennel is the right staff and proper training!

6. Invitation to Visit: We encourage you to visit the physical store, to witness the kennel department and overall care standards in person. Book a reservation to come in to see our daily operation and play with some puppies!

7. Pride in the Store: We take such a sense of pride in our brick-and-mortar store, We act as a hub for responsible pet ownership, education, and a welcoming space for animal enthusiasts. We are so proud to offer an experience that no one else will be able to offer you!


Meet Our Veterinarian Partner, Dr. Church!

With Health and Welfare being our number one priority we wanted to make sure we had a Doctor that shared the same mission.

Dr. Church studied at the University of Illinois and she has been practicing since 2007. She performs all of the vet exams on our puppies when we receive them and ensures they have a clean bill of health at the time of arrival.

Petland Raleigh strives to go above and beyond and this is why our business structure includes a top-rated consulting veterinarian. Having a licensed Vet Partner on our team is crucial for many reasons. She provides our Kennel team with expert guidance, educational support, emergency response, and health assurance.

Thank you to our Petland Family for the continued support and being part of our mission, "Matching the right puppy to the right owner's lifestyle"!



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